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5 things you didn’t know about Kia dashboard warning lights

Monday, February 25th, 2019
Red-toned image of a car's dashboard

Kia dashboard warning light meanings

It happens to every driver. You’re driving along and suddenly you see a mysterious symbol appear on your dashboard. What does it mean and how serious is the issue it is eluding to? Here are 5 Kia dashboard warning lights you might encounter and the meaning behind each. (more…)

A look at the Archer Kia Collision Repair Center

Thursday, January 31st, 2019
A mechanic working on a vehicle

Certified Kia collision repair in Houston, TX

Your vehicle says a lot about who you are. From the type of vehicle you drive, to the bumper stickers on the back and even the type of items you keep in the cabin, these things all say something about you. Not only that, but it gives you the independence to go where and when you want to. It’s no wonder then why automotive damage can be so frustrating. Whether it’s some minor scratches or major collision damage, seeing your vehicle not looking its best can be disheartening. That’s where we come in. Our master service technicians are here to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road fast. We offer efficient repair and fair prices for all your collision needs in Houston, TX.  (more…)

Do Kia warranties transfer to new owners?

Saturday, August 25th, 2018
Mechanic holding a wrench

There are many benefits to buying or leasing a new Kia. Not only do you have all the newest high-tech features to enjoy, but you also have peace of mind that your Kia‘s warranty has you covered in case anything goes awry. But what happens when you’re ready to upgrade from that vehicle to something else? Do your Kia’s warranties transfer to the new owner? It really depends on the warranty. Any remaining portion of the Kia New Vehicle Limited Warranty, except for the Power Train Limited Warranty, is transferable to from the original owner to a subsequent owner. (more…)